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Jul '08

Garage Sale Mania.

For once, not garage saleing mania — sale, as in selling, not buying. LOTS of things were on offer from Kevin, Fluffernutter, and myself. Kevin cleared $250, Curtis was twice that much, and I was closer to $140. Kevin probably moved the most stuff — and all of our extras are now on the street corner awaiting the FREE sign to lure pickers in to take the rest.

And boy am I tired. I came home after dropping off some “Delicious Fruit” at Jimmies (in their original 1950’s box, mostly still wrapped), and swinging by the apartment to move laundry over for Swanda who is off with Mom and Sis at a Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon — to collapse in bed for an hour and a half. Maybe it was getting up at 6am to be at the sale by 8am.

On a positive note — I only came home with one extra item (a toolbox that matches two others that I have). But boy was it hot out there today. The weight measurement below if from the afternoon!

My exciting Saturday night? Steak, salad, wine, TV, rye, crash.

Nothing on the calendar for tomorrow (so far), but late this month I’m getting a visit from Dave and Mitsio from Tokyo — in town to distribute his mother’s ashes.


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