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Jul '08

Errands In The Sun.

Errands in the sun today. Went to the store for steaks and salad, came home with that, and new deck chairs. The deck chairs were marked down from $60 to $40 for the pair. Finally the white plastic chairs can be retired.


Looks like I should refinish the top fo the table (or wait for the chairs to fade).

Next up was a run to Wonderful’s to drop off the last piece of art that is getting donated to The Great Art Party. I was also supposed to take two pieces of crockery and his thumb drive — oops. I also forgot to swing by Fluffernutter’s and pick up my now empty trailer. Strike one for combining errands to save gas — especially in the Mommy Van which doesn’t get as good a mileage as the BMW.

Finally got all that running around done with time for an afternoon nap in the heat — should have just hung out on the back porch with the breeze.

Dinner tonight was steak, salad, and wine…. probably will be tomorrow as well when Lynne and her friend who just retired from the symphony come for dinner — but theirs will be fancier: marinated flank steaks on the BBQ, a tomato, sweet onion, basil, fresh mozzarella salad — trying to think of a starch. Might have to make bread, or maybe fresh pasta…. time will tell.


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