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Jul '08

Thinking Of A Cruise?

So — a month ago I got an offer to join Kate and Eric on a Caribbean cruise in late November…. 7 days leaving from Miami and including Honduras, Belize, Cozumel, and the Bahamas. My first poking around didn’t yield any decent pricing, but as time has gone on — it’s now basically 2 for 1 which at a minimum means I’d get a balcony or hell, maybe go for the suite.

Now, about Kate and Eric — I met them on a 6-week cruise from Lisbon to Antarctica years ago. We were travelling on the former (well, one of the two) Love Boat. If you’ve forgotten that series, here is a clip with Carol Channing (and others):

I’ve been on holidays with Kate and Eric to Kentucky (well, they live there), Austrailia, Victoria — hell, that almost makes us travel buddies. Considering they are self proclaimed Conservative Christian Replublicans who are both ex-Air Force colonels, this is amazing.

What I need at this point is a travel companion. No — two for one doesn’t mean 50% off — it means I have to find a bunk mate.

Leaving from Miami at least I can get a direct Alaska flight, and I have a $99 companion coupon so might even go first class.

Any takers? 7-days. Probably 8 with transit time. $1600 for airfare/two, but it’s first. balcony cabin is $1600/two, or the suite is $2200/two. So — that would make it $1600 per person balcony, $1900 per person in the suite. Any takers? Seems a waste to use a coupon for anything other than first class.


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