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Jul '08

Meetings And More.

What a day — arrived for the marketing meeting to find that nobody remembered to put it on their calendar with the exception of the owner — who had already left the house when Outlook dinged with the reminder. It happened, but it was an odd meeting. Can’t wait for Chris to get back from holiday to run the next meeting.

After the meeting the whirlwind continued with a call from Ron in Iowa — thanking me for the two bottles of port, talking about a job for me, and inviting me to dinner next Sunday when he is in town with his girlfriend and her daughter. Now THAT was a call that I wasn’t expecting — I’d pretty much given up on that job opportunity happening.

Of course, while I was on the line with that call, Barb from Kentucky called to say she was at the Red Lion by the airport. Plans were made for a 3pm pickup so I could finish errands and get some more work done. Damn work.


What this you say — it’s one of the Boeing Dreamlifters also known as a whale with wings. You can see the nose beyond the purple hull — that’s the front end of a 747 — with a VERY LARGE cargo bay bolted on behind it. They use these guys to fly the pieces of the new 787 under development between Japan, Italy, North Carolina, and Everett. this is the first time I’ve seen it up close and personal.

I got this shot on my phone — my first time using my phone for that. Guess it was a success. Barb and I swung by Boeing Field after I picked her up from the hotel.

Dinner was a success — but there wasn’t rice pilaf as planned. I got a bug to make pasta last night, and made some jalapeno pasta this evening while chatted with Barb — 15 minutes start to finish. Might have to do this more often.

Lynne had to leave partway through to pick up her friend Debbie at the airport — and gave Barb a ride back to the hotel since she was headed that way — Barb has a very early flight to Juneau for a Cruise West Alaska gig. She’ll be back through next weekend and we’ll have a little more time then.

Even got the kitchen mostly clean by bedtime.



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