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Jul '08

Who Knew?

Who knew Doogie Houser could sing? Or Neil Patrick Harris as he’s known to his parents.

Neil Patrick Harris as 'Dr. Horrible'

So, the first two episodes of this quirky webelevision are available at: http://www.drhorrible.com

Now, this is from somebody who doesn’t really like musicals, so it’s even more surprising.

So — today, work, and blowing up yet another water timer. I REALLY have to get a pressure regulator for my outside hose bib (which means I should probably have one for the WHOLE HOUSE. But not today. The original plan was to have the front deck done today, and then next week work on the two ramps. Not. Not today. MoonSong called this morning from the hospital where DeeDub is, once again, the second time in two weeks if I’m correct. Talk about high maintenance.

Cocktails with Swanda — and I’m taking over spinach, leftover salmon and berries — going to make the a spinach salmon berry salad with the pear gorgonola — you might recognize some of those ingredients — we didn’t get the spinach made last night.

Happy Friday every one.



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