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Jul '08

Monday. What Can I Say.

I must be working, because it feels like Monday.

Here is an email I just finished to a friend:

I love you and your kidney stones and your dreams and your house colors, but it’s late at night and I might not be in my right mind.


It’s been a weird day of working for a “singles” club on marketing in the morning while a new deck is being put in on the front of the house, then by 2 I am drinking Dom Perignon and eating appetizers with an old client, and soon to be hopeful boss on the waterfront and then off to Chris’ for cocktails, news, and dinner.


Sometimes this feels like normal.


Actually, I’m not sure what normal is. July is a mess for me, August better, What’s your work schedule. Poker is on the 9th or 10th, whatever Friday is. So, before or after?


Got a spare couple of days – 9-27 to 9-30? I’m having a birthday cruise.

What more can you say?


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