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Jul '08

Eating All Day.

Or So It Seems.

I’m naked and working on a blog entry when I get the call from Swanda — I’m outside. It’s 9:30 — he is due at 9:45am — time for me to finish the entry, jump in and out of the shower and get dressed. But damnit — he’s early.

Turns out he is with Helene — fresh from Hydrabod (India) — so at least I dont’ have to dress while I run around like a madman.

Next stop is the Fairfield Suites by the airport to pickup Barbara, back from her Alaska junket.

Then we are off to brunch at the Salish Lodge at Snohomish Falls. Lovely breakfast of a Salmon Sandwich… you can get the description and menu here. And afterwards a great walk to view the falls…


And for my cellphone, this is NOT a bad picture!

And then we have to have a picture of Swanda (with Helene in the background), and Barb from Kentucky below that:



Can’t believe I forgot my real camera.

The afternoon is spent back at Swanda in a breakfast coma which reading the Sunday papers (Seattle and New York Times) while steeling our nerves for the next meal of the day — an early dinner at the Brooklyn.

Barb and I head downstairs for a tour of Uwyjamaya(the Japanese Grocery Store) to pick up bananas for Swanda, ogle seafood, and as it turns out pick up a bottle of Gruet Rose for a pre-dinner tipple.

A fine dinner (for me) of fresh oysters, ensalada caprese, and a little tuna tartar. Damn life is rough.


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Or So It Seems.

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