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Jul '08

Why Bother With The New Enhanced ID.

After working a couple of hours in the morning I headed off to get my new Enhanced ID Drivers license. When I called last week the first appointment (yes, you need an appointment) was a week and a half later. OK. Better than Curt — who called at the same time and his is the second week of August.

Here is what is wrong with this picture:

  • Only a few offices in the state
  • Not good for air travel (I wanted it in case I was tempted to drive into Canada and didn’t want to come home and get my passport)
  • Appointments are two weeks out if you are lucky enough to live in Seattle where you have a choice of three offices
  • It takes 30 days to get the damn thing AFTER your interview
  • That interview and paper processing takes an hour out of a workday
  • You can get a passport in 4-6 weeks, so why bother

Forget more than a few minutes of work after that cluster-frick this afternoon. I’ve got to prepare dinner for Helene and Swanda. I’ve been marinating a couple of large London broil (out of round — hence the marinating) and will prep a large salad. Might do rice on the side, maybe pasta. Depends on the mood.

My mood is one of grey to match today’s weather — but at least I got some exercise walking from the apartment to the Enhanced License Bureau (with it’s frosted glass front and secure buzz to enter door) some 10 blocks away.


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  1. blue toad Says:

    Do you ever rest?