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Jul '08

Kitchen? Or Shipping Department?

With another run to Wonderfuls to drop off auction stuff I picked up the last of the boxes I need to finish shipping pieces of artwork to Shirts of Bamboo in Florida for their office.

The smaller piece was easy as I had a perfect box size for it — but the larger piece was more of a challenge to make a box that would safely keep the artwork from getting it’s glass broken. Leftover from something I had blocks of dense plastic foam which I ran through the table saw to make 4″ strips to surround the piece on all four sides:


Then it was a case of re-forming the square box into an picture frame sized box:


Nothing like spending an hour making a box. Luckily dinner with Lynne is pretty simple tonight — she is bringing over steaks to celebrate the sale of her house on Lopez and having the money in the bank. I’ll add some roasted ears of corn, some salad and wine and we have a quick easy meal.

And her thank you…

With huge slabs of meat, fabu corn, and plenty of good red wine.  We’ll do it again, I bet.

Thanks for being the Grill Man.



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