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Aug '08

Happy Rosh Chodesh Av!

Well, I needed a reason for a celebration, more than just it being Friday. Yesterday I picked up a bottle of Grey Goose l’Orange and comes with a glass cutting board — mostly for Swanda, but I want to drink some as well, so I needed to find an event or holiday to celebrate this afternoon when I arrive there for drinks.

So, for the Jews, we have a minor holiday:

Rosh Chodesh, (Hebrew: ??? ?????; trans. Beginning of the Month; lit. Head of the Month), is the name for the first day of every month in the Hebrew calendar, marked by the appearance of the New Moon. It is considered a minor holiday, akin to the intermediate days of Passover and Sukkot.[1]The Book of Exodus establishes the beginning of the Hebrew calendar:

For birthdays we have:

  • August 1, 1770- William Clark, explorer, teamed with Meriwether Lewis, “Lewis and Clark”
  • August 1, 1779- Francis Scott Key, author of the national anthem
  • August 1, 1819- Herman Melville, novelist
  • August 1, 1933- Dom DeLuise, actor, comedian
  • August 1, 1936- Yves Saint Laurent, fashion designer
  • August 1, 1937- Alfonse D’Amato, NY senator
  • August 1, 1942- Jerry Garcia, guitarist, member of the “Grateful Dead”

And for Swanda, the Olympics fan, today in 1936 was the opening day for the infamous Berlin Olympics — I think I’ll go with that for the reason for the celebration.


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