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Aug '08

Off To Dabob (Bay).

Last night I realized I had no weekend plans — how can that be!

Next week more people are coming through town Alicia and Devon for breakfast Monday morning and then Tuesday night Jameson and Natalie, but this weekend, nothing.

And then I remembered Greg’s invitation to visit “Camp Patsy” out on Dabob Bay.

This is the main house, and apparently there is a guest cabin, and a tent trailer as well.



So off I go in an hour or so.

Spent the morning chatting with Dad about his butt (got his prostate mircowaved last week) and booked Wendy into condo in New Orleans for the next round of her surgery ($439.30 for eight nights in a studio unit right on St. Charles in the Garden District — and two blocks from the clinic).

I have to chat on the weekends because I’m out of minutes (well, I’m down to 1). Luckily, weekends are free and the timer resets on the 5th. Anyone think I can get through Monday on 1 minute? As you can see, I’m on a very low minute plan — and until starting to work for Events and Adventures, I never went over.

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2 Responses to “Off To Dabob (Bay).”

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  2. blue toad Says:

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