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Aug '08

Pictures. Pictures. Pictures.

Well — I know you have all be waiting with baited breath for news of my overnight adventure. I know this because I’ve been getting phone calls.

Well, here is the scrolling bar with all the photos:

A wonderful dinner of clams from a local beach (I need to get them my seafood steamer from the Lopez place), and shrimp summer rolls (assembly required).

I slept in the tent trailer ($1500 on Craigs List), relative who works for KUOW was in the new guest house (finished last week) on a 200 square foot plan that avoids having to be permitted, and the main cabin also on the same footprint — but will be permitted because of the sleeping loft.

FYI — the main activity at “Camp Patsy” is badminton. And yes, I played, drink in hand.

OK Sprint reception for my laptop — poor reception for my cell phone (T-Mobile). Only a problem because I was trying to connect with a potential buyer for Bob (which is why I rushed back to town this morning) who as it turns out is also interested in the mommy van — I’d make a great deal for a two-fer sale.

Chicken breasts in a green mole for dinner tonight with salad and wine. Wish I’d brought some of those clams home with me.

UPDATE: For all my bitching about the enhanced license process — it arrived in Saturday’s mail after and appointment on Tuesday — so much for four week turn around.

[218.6 — but mid-afternoon]

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