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Aug '08

Odd Day.

Many Distractions.

It’s just an odd day.

Alicia and Devon for breakfast at an unknown quantity — the Salvadorian Bakery — good, probably a little to fat laden for my diet (like the taco wagon which left me pooping fat for days) but the company was good, but not enough time.

Work throughout the day — back and forth on a postcard. Leaves me wishing for a dictator style leadership.

On the good side — looks like we booked a cruise for this November — 7 days in the Western Caribbean. Sorry, no route picture, but it’s basically in and out of Miami, then Honduras (Roatan), then Belize, then Cozumel and onto the Bahamas, then back to Miami. Yes, it’s in a suite. Goodies so far:

  • $75 per cabin booze credit
  • $50 per person discount for past NCL cruise (thanks Wonderful!)

So, it looks like Thanksgiving will be in Seattle this year since I leave that Saturday for Miami. Now I have to figure out how to squeeze a New Mexico visit in. Troubles, troubles.

Drinks and dinner with Swanda, and actually NOT much work talk. I think we are both burnt out at the moment. Nothing like a full blown marketing push to roll over people.

Block party tomorrow late afternoon, and then Jameson and Natalie for dinner — guess I’d better get the office cleaned off — for me.

At least the cover for the summer directory is done. Now I just have to get the rest of the pages on Wednesday, crank out the guts, get it bound and trimmed before I leave town Friday. Who needs sleep.



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Many Distractions.

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