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Aug '08

Neighbors and Nephew.

I don’t know what is was about today. I did a lot of thinking about work issues, and little time implementing those thoughts. The nice thing is that when I sit down tomorrow, it will all quickly flow — that would be the advantage of thinking before implementing.

Today’s events:

Neighborhood Nite Out sponsored by the City of Seattle

Faux Nephew Jameson and girlfriend Natalie coming for dinner and staying the night

Neighbors First — stopped by Deb McNeils for a Seattle Nite Out Against Crime (SNOAG?). Lots of dogs on the grill, Korean BBQ, lots of sides — I felt guilty just showing up for 45 minutes to check-in with Deb, Lynne, Missy, and a passel of other neighbors I’m slowing meeting. Maybe they will even let keep the bus without complaints. Somehow this is easier than the Lopez situation (though one of the players is the same).

Faux Nephew Next — Jameson and Natalie are showing up around 8 for dinner and to say the night before an early flight for Nat to Peru in the morning. Jameson gets to drive back to work in Olympia. Ick. Dinner is a beautiful rack of ribs and a huge salad. I thought about the broccoli, but figured I’d save that in case one of them has gone vegan.

The rack of ribs:


The table:


And yes, that flower IS from my jungle garden.


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