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Aug '08

Prepare For A Blog Outage.

Advanced warning that next week the blog will be a little spotty unless I get my act together to pre-load some entries.

I’m off on a road-trip. It’s been too long.

Today was all about tech service calls, animated gif’s, and trying to integrate a Terabyte drive into my system so that I can turn off four other drives. My version of saving energy. Now I have to move all that data from all the drives to the new one — and it isn’t a fast process. Hours and hours of copying files.

Maxtor STM310004OTA3E5-RK OneTouch 4 Plus 1TB HD

Not bad for $169.99. Hard to beleive how cheap storage is these days. You can buy this here. Maybe I should buy an extra to mirror all my files.

Guess this means I’ll have some external hard drives available — one of them a NAS ethernet drive with 20 80GB drives and a 120GB Firewire Drive.

And then there is the stuff for the Breitenbush Gathering. I’ve printed the covers for the Photo Directory (yesterday), and the files for the guts were due today — and it’s now 11:15pm and no files. Those need to print and bind tomorrow to get trimmed on Friday — or on the road to the bush — Kinkos saves the day. I guess that I could even put the stitcher in the car if I had to.

Leftovers for dinner, but at least the wine was fresh.


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One Response to “Prepare For A Blog Outage.”

  1. blue toad Says:

    Ok I will bite how much for the network storage drive?

    SO when can we book the room for you or are you waiting until you get homesick for the island- may take a few months or a few longs summer night with sirens blaring up and fown the highway!

    BTW Don’s mom passed away last week and I totally forgot to thank you for the mic. We are ok- its sad but she had declined so dramatically there was no hope left.they had told us she had a few weeks left but was gone peacefully a few days later. So hug the ones you love…or love the ones you hugs. And hugs to you from us as we vicariously travel with you on all your adventures