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Aug '08

Oysters and Scotch In Coos Bay.

Well, technically not Coos Bay but Charleston. But few people know where Charleston is.

After hitting the road at 10am, rolled into Charleston at a little before five — cocktail hour! That would be where the scotch came in. The oysters were two dozen medium size (it makes me wonder how big the large ones are) oysters from local waters around Coos Bay. Put them on the grill (with some red peppers for dinner) to get their shells to crack open.

Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.

Main course was a pasta with fresh vegetables. Healthy. Healthy. Healthy.

Then just a quiet evening around the house — with bro and sis-in-law crashing, as usual, early.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some photos done.

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One Response to “Oysters and Scotch In Coos Bay.”

  1. blue toad Says:

    on our major (for us-a month)road trip we stayed at Coos Bay and liked it but obviously had a better dinner than we did.

    Hope you are having fun!