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Aug '08

Wild Goose Chase Ends In Boy’s Night.

Don’t you just love a titillating teaser tag-line?

Well — the wild goose chase was our run one of my brother Jon’s Coos Watershed Association site on the 250,000 acre Weyerhaeuser timber farm near here. We got within about 15 miles of the project when we found the security guard telling us that they rest of the gates were locked for the weekend. We had an Access Tag, but not the keys to the gates. A nice drive up the south fork of the Coos River — made me want to get out and swim, which was my plan had we reached the new bridges and culverts Jon wanted to look at before taking tourists up there later this week.

That’s the goose. Boy’s Night is a reference to Norma (sis-in-law) heading to Salem for a meeting tomorrow. So it’s just the boy’s at home tonight. She did, however, leave me a nice note on my computer…


The one on the left is my Subway reward that I got on the way down. I think the one on the left (done by Norma) is an invitation to work weekends around the farm. I love the “Collect 5 Coupons and Win a 2-week Work Vacation”.

Here is the scrolling bar of photos so far — which will change when there are more photos. Mostly of flowers in the gardens and us working on the gate to keep the meth-crazed neighbors from running off with large pieces of aluminum equipment that belong to the Coos Watershed Association, but are too valuable to leave in the dock area where there offices are.


Probably the last of the blogging since tomorrow I’m without Internet connection unless I glom onto Jamshaid’s at his cabin at Breitenbush.

Tomorrow I was thinking of visiting the Monaco Coach Factory in Junction City on the way to “The Bush” just to see what’s new in a very stressed market.

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