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Aug '08

Blog Blackout, Blog Blackin.

To quote Jack Nicholson… “I’m Backkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!”


And don’t I look calm.

Wow, a week without the “Daily Show”. And yes, I did actually have a connection to the zeroes and ones (that’s the Internet in non-geek speak). Logged on Wednesday, but only because I was doing a “mercy log-on” for a Minnesota faerie that spaced out filing for unemployment insurance on Monday. It was the ecological solution — it saved the gas for a drive into the closest pay phone which is in Detroit, Oregon, 20-20 minutes away. Apparently it’s easier to move zeroes and ones rather than a 2,000 pound rag-top. And cheaper.

So — how was it?

The answer is, I gave away the “Drama Queen” crown too soon. Now I wish I had a picture of it. It went to the “Queeeeeen Registrarrrrrr” for the gathering — it was a crown after all, and with a  small pair of scissors you could delete the “Drama” out of the damn thing.

Here is the slide show in case you are bored:

Actually that is for the whole trip.

Highlights and low-lights of the gathering…

  • Arriving two days early (+)
  • Arriving to find a camp full of people who don’t smile or acknowledge each other (-)
  • Not having to move cabins in the switch over between regular and faerie camp (+)
  • The heat — as much snow as there was this summer, it was the degrees this summer (-)
  • The food seemed to be better (+)
  • I devised a new way to torture drag queens — cut 1/2″ off every left heal in the shoe collection (+)
  • Became smitten with a nice Canadian and made a fool of myself (-)
  • Many good conversations with friends I don’t spend enough time with (+)
  • Took the recycling (well, the booze bottles) home (+/-)
  • Mark and Onyz were roommates (+)
  • Didn’t make it to the meadow pools — or the sauna — or the medicine wheel tubs (-)
  • Took in a stray (Stellar Jay) who proved to be a good roommate, i.e. didn’t snore more than the rest of us (+)
  • Had (again) too many people for cocktails on my last evening (-)
  • Finished all the magazines and Three Cups of Tea — the present from the new owners of the church (+)
  • Had happy thoughts about the folks who gave me Three Cups of Tea , the new owners of the church — good read. Uplifting. Makes me want to donate money. Makes me realize how lucky I was to visit India and Nepal for six weeks in 1976. (+)
  • Ended up crying at one point — see Canadian item above (-)
  • Got a gift of “vestments” in the early afternoon, and then two hours later the priest asks if he can have wine for Sunday mass — as he’d left his “tools” at home. He got wine AND vestments (+)
  • Found a new home for my collection of religious iconery (except the small St. Rose of Lima carving) with a priest and his hottie boyfriend that were burned out of their house in Vancouver, BC (+++)
  • Left a day early (+)

Over all — more pluses than minuses. I just ran out of steam for being on the road and around people. My nerves get fried after too many days. I need my quiet time.

[218.3 in an afternoon weigh-in] 


3 Responses to “Blog Blackout, Blog Blackin.”

  1. blue toad Says:

    Welcome home, you were missed!

  2. Melba T oast Says:

    Hi Markie, Sounds like overall a nice trip. Sorry to hear you cried. Grateful for your taking in a stellar jay. Envious of your good time away from home. Pleased with the book review. Understanding of your need for quiet time.

    As for your photo, it looks like somebody just spilled a pina colada in your lap… I can’t tell whether you liked it or not, but it looks clear it was a surrise…

    P.S. I’m posting to my blog again…


  3. Melba T oast Says:

    P.S. Obviously that was “surprise” not “surrise”…the P on my keyboard is passive-aggressive…