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Aug '08

My Own Bed, My Own Coffee.

How lovely it is to wake up in my own bed, and brew my own coffee. And how nice to have the peace and quiet after a week of constantly being around humanoids.

I love Melba’s comment about yesterday’s photo post — saying it looked like somebody just spilled a pina colada on my lap. Sorry, no blenders at the Bush (yet).

I had thought about getting a head start of work for tomorrow, but as the day went along, that thought went away. I did get Curtis to deliver and help me set up the new printer table in the office.


Finally, the office will be getting closer to being put back together. Now all I have to do is get the bed cleaned off which means filing all the junk paperwork that has come in over the last couple of months. There might be hope yet. Not that I expect it to remain clean for long.

Around 3:30pm Cyndi and Hummingbird showed up to do some “cross shopping”. Hummingbird is an Episcopal priest whose house burnt to the ground six months ago — and along with it, all his “tools of the trade”. I sent him home with a box of iconry from the church, from the traditional In Re cross (with hidden holy water vessel inside) to milagos and Gualalupe based pieces. Add some material for new vestments (from obis — the wrap around a kimono), and he is back on his way to Canadaland.

Well, back on the way to Canada after a mixed grill with salad on the back deck while it threatened to rain.


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