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Aug '08

New Dentist. Good Dentist.

In the category of changing dentists I have the following observations:

  • Breaking up is hard to do. You tend to form bonds with your dentist.
  • Scare tactics (your teeth are going to fall out) don’t really work.
  • I’m not willing to pay for somebody elses view — I’m not even willing to pay for my own.
  • A 25% savings is a good thing.
  • Having the same hygienist each visit is nice.
  • I still gag even when the x-rays are digital.
  • A happy office and nitrous equal a much better time.
  • A twenty five dollar off referral coupon is a nice bonus (contact www.redmondsmiles.com and mention my name).

Worrying about being late I left almost an hour early — and it was a good thing. The first rain after weeks of hot weather made the drivers stupid. Huge rollovers on most every freeway (heat = oil combined with rain = slick).

New phone arrived (actually days ago, but they didn’t put a not on my box). Old phone in box headed back to Georgia. All the files are off the other servers and now on the new 1 Terabyte Drive (TeraByteMe would be the share name).

Plans for Jonathan’s B-Day party are firming up for Wednesday in a 2-bedroom condo at the Camlin (no deck — that is the special needs suite), and the documents have arrived for my Birthday Cruise To Nowhere in September.

Office still a mess — but the pan-seared steak salad for dinner was stunning, even if it was with the left-over white wine from last night.



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