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Aug '08

$120 Is The Answer.

Morning marketing meeting at Events and Adventures in the morning. Then back to the house for a little more work. Ordered the Renewal Postcards from Adco down in Florida. Those should arrive on the 1st of September — the day after my contract ends.

The afternoon was spent shopping. That’s where the “$120 Is The Answer” comes from. $120 for the booze for tonight’s party. $120 for the food for tonight’s party. $120 for the room and valet parking for tonight’s party. Party you say? Jonathan’s birthday party. He was born in 1979 — guess that makes him 29 — WOW — I met him 12 years ago.

So — what does the frugal bon vivant get for $100 a night in downtown Seattle. A two-bedroom condo with mini kitchen. Here is a shot of me on the deck:


Here is the whole string of photos which will update as I take more this evening (but the update might be tomorrow):


Dinner tonight is lots of sushi and champagne, with Helene coming with a cake for the birthday boy.

Did I mention we are in the Stratus Penthouse? Having been to the Camlin when it was a hotel, this is the floor that was known as “The Cloud Room”. The viewing room, the view now blocked to the north, but still nice, was the old private/banquet room. Appropriately — the Stratus Penthouse is where the old bar was, complete with the smoking deck that was off the bar. The piano (and the sultry piano player for years) was located about where the master bedroom is. The actual bar area would have been where the Cirrus Penthouse is today. There are three of these penthouses on the top floor, with an additional 2-bedroom deluxe on the corner.

Time to start working of making all the sushi look pretty.



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