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Aug '08

Relaxing Morning, Working Afternoon.

What a sweet heart Jonathan is — he brought me good (i.e. not WorldMark) black coffee and a cinnamon roll when he came back from moving his car this morning.

I crawled into their (Jonathan and Adam) bed for a little bit, before retiring to the couch to watch a sport that I didnt’ even know existed — Woman’s Team Handball. Looks like soccer in terms of field layout and team structure and then add basketball. Napped through half the game between Norway and Korea (I assume South) that was close at the end. The Koreans scored a point at the five second mark to take tie — but those pesky Norse women to have a ball in the air when the whistle blew — and it was spot on. Point for Norway, and the game.

Photos have been updated, so here is a shot of the fridge before dinner was served:


And if you click on the scrolling bar of yesterday’s post, you can see almost all of the photos. Some had to be censored.

Afternoon was filled with Events and Adventures work, Great Art Party work, and laying in supplies for breakfast, lunch and dinners.

[219.2, but in the afternoon]

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