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Aug '08

Frozen Adventures Up North?

So, from today’s Wall Street Journal, a tiny mention about an airline that still has regularly scheduled service in a DC-3 — yes, a DC-3.


Now, the down-side… it goes six times a week between Yellowknife and Hays River (that would be across Great Slave Lake to the south). $232 round-trip for the Saturday run to Hays River and the Sunday return to Yellowknife. And where in the real world are either of these places?

Hey, it’s one of the provinces I haven’t visited yet. Whether that is reason enough to spend a grand on airfare to get to Yellowknife, the $232 for Yellowknife to Hay River. $100 a night for Hay River lodging, and several days of lodging in Yellowknife before and after (another $300-400). Starting to sound like two grand to me. Ouch — all that just for a ride in a really old aircraft.

Maybe not.

Busy day today starting in the afternoon. Jameson arriving from Olympia for an early dinner (mixed grill) to be joined by Wonderful and Dragon DeForest. Wonderful and I are off to the Opera for a 7:30 showtime. The Opera? Aida. My first time seeing it.


Giuseppe Verdi

Glorious pageantry, rousing choruses, and a basketful of great tunes elevate the moving tale of forbidden love between general and slave girl in ancient Egypt. The grandest of all grand operas, Aida is also an intensely personal love story overflowing with passions as up to the minute as our own. Verdi’s power to translate human emotion into magnificent music was at its zenith when he created this enjoyable masterwork, arguably the best evening’s entertainment he ever devised.

Now, let’s just hope the guy from the used RV place fulfills his promise to call about trading Bob in on another, but smaller, RV.


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One Response to “Frozen Adventures Up North?”

  1. Wendy Says:

    I think your air miles are better spent going to New Orleans. But that’s just me.