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Aug '08

No Bar-B-Que Sunday.

With Wonderful having a Re-Entry Party for the faeries this evening I thought it might be nice to buy him a bar-b-que as a house warming present. Should be the season when they put them on sale.

Not at Home Depot (yet), and not on good enough sale at Lowes (yet). At least at Lowes I scored some organizers that will fit in my tiny hallway closets.


Finally the two boxes of toiletries and extras that have been sitting on my office floor are finally sorted and put away.

As the weather would have it, even though I went shopping with the top down, when it came time for the bar-b-que it was definitely top up weather for the Re-Entry Party. I wouldn’t have wanted to stand in the rain cooking my pork loin — nor would have BaktiShockti with her veg kabobs.

Twenty plus people so it was a little crowded without the back deck — meaning I left around 8:30 for the peace and solitude of my own couch.


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