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Aug '08

Contract Coming To An End.

It’s been a nice run, the work for Events and Adventures — but all things come to an end (though may pick up again in January). How can you tell it’s ending (Friday is the last day)?

I’ve booked three trips out of town:

  • San Francisco this weekend ($220.99)
  • Chico next weekend ($215.50)
  • New Orleans first weekend of October ($240.00)

And I’m thinking about Tampa/St. Pete as well, though time is starting to dry up.

In other news:

I’m famous — well, sort of. The estate giving flier is finally done — you might remember the photo shoot months ago that I’m still waiting on the CD of images — and is about to hit the mail.


Yes — that is a shot of me in the front jungle — I mean garden — when everything was in bloom.


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