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Aug '08

What Are The Chances…

So, in addition to collecting Coke Rewards points so that I can subscribe everybody in my universe to Popular Mechanics, I’ve been playing the Subway Scrabble game. You get a piece with every sandwich (or two if you do what I do and have them wrap a foot-long as two sixes), and soda (two if you go for the large size).

I’ve been doing this a couple of weeks, and getting lots of duplicate tiles — but what popped up today in my tray — and not on purpose — was the phrase “O Boobs”, which to me is funny since I just made a reservation to fly to New Orleans for part two of Wendy’s boob job.


Too funny.

And now for the report of yesterday’s free gift card. They actually kept it to an hour presentation (timeshare campsites for RVs), and yes, they did give me a $50 Visa Gift Card for my scotch habit — but I’m not sure that I’d call a catered dinner sending someone out to KFC. As the “winner” I was entitled to a $2,000 discount off any of their various levels. The “home” park was in Elma, Washington, right next door to the unfinished Satsop nuclear reactors of WHOOPS fame. Elma. Really. I passed.

Speaking of passing, this morning was the last marketing meeting for Events and Adventures with my final report due EOD (End of Day) tomorrow. No word on future word, but it looks promising. Picked up my paycheck from early August billing, submit late August billing with the final report. Now it’s time to spend the money.

Another couple of hours billing today and a quiet evening around the house.

And yes, you can add Tampa/St. Pete to my schedule — third weekend in September.


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