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Aug '08

Over And Out Of Here.

Well — the contract is done with Events and Adventures, except for a couple of hours next week with some niggling details. The final bill is in the mail. The working files CD is in the mail. The thank you notes are in the mail. Yes, Swanda trained me well about those “bread and butter” notes as my mother used to say.

I got a nice thank you email from the owner this morning — with the possibility of more work in January, which would be nice.

Tomorrow it’s off to San Francisco to visit Onyx. Mark is in Fort McMurray, Canada which isn’t as far north as I want to go (Yellowknife and Hay River) but is nearly at the top of Alberta. It will be a quick trip to SF — fly out tomorrow, fly back Monday. The Monday flight is already upgraded to first class, which I might have gotten on the way down but somehow I neglected to request it when I booked. Yes, Me! It’s a nice mid-day flight — and getting picked up at the airport as well!

Here is a picture of Onyx from camp this summer:


I haven’t decided if I’ll actually tell anybody else that I’m coming to SF, or just assume that they will read the blog and email me if they want to see me. I’ll probably go for the lazy option.

Tonight Lynne is coming to dinner to have a little piggy send off meal — and she’s taking me to the airport tomorrow (and picking me up Monday so that gives her Saint status in my book). Add wine and a tomatoe, basil and feta salad, and you have my (and Lynne’s) version of a happy meal.


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