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Sep '08

Back In The Air, Then Back To Bed.

5:45am comes early — for both Onyx and I.  Luckily Starbucks is open which make him happy — the worries of an early Labor Day flight.

SFO is one of the airports that has a speed line for even their Premier members. I’m Premier Executive (until February 2008 when it will most likely slip to plain old Premier) so that gets me through the speed line in Seattle even if I don’t manage to snag an upgrade to the front of the plane.

Speaking of programs and milestones:

Account number: XXXXXXXXXXXX
Membership level: Premier Executive
Current redeemable miles balance: 64,220
Year to date Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) 12,200
Year to date Elite Qualifying Segments (EQS) 11.5
Lifetime United flight miles: 750,421
Redeemable miles expiration date: Mar 01, 2010

Yes, that would be a lifetime United total of three quarters of a million miles! No keep in mind that a) that’s paid — it doesn’t count the numerous free trips I’ve taken and b) all the other airlines I’ve flown.

First class was half full on the way back up the coast — probably from them using a 757 on the route (three times as many first class seats as the usual 737 or A320) — and it was the morning of Labor Day. And half of those seats were filled with pilots and stewardesses.

Moonsong was waiting for me when Lynne dropped me off back at the house — he was here to finish the railing on the deck (but not to stain it today). When he left a couple of hours later, it was definitely time for a nap — crashed hard for two hours!

Evening spent eating a lamb leg slice with salad and scenes from Gustav making New Orleans all wet — loved all the scenes filmed on St. Charles right by the Avenue Plaza Hotel where I’ll be staying next month.

[218.0 in the PM]

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