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Sep '08

Weird Not To Be Working.

As weird as it was early this summer to be working, it’s just as weird to wake up in the morning and realize that summer is over, your contract is over, and you have the day to yourself.

Guess I’d better:

  • Finish MoonSong’s ad for the Great Art Party catalog
  • Redo my ad since I got an inspiration last night — now need to execute it
  • Pack up the server to ship to Susan at Blue Toad Design
  • Work on the ad for Quillayute River Resort for my blog
  • Finish the fence on the back deck before MoonSong has a chance to get to it
  • Set up dinners with Helene (laptop and XP) and Lynne (thank you for airport runs)
  • Set up a get together with Swanda to go over the banner when it comes in tomorrow (the last bit of work from Events and Adventures
  • Check on cheap fares to Arcata for the only free weekend this month.

Crap — there’s a couple of days of work right there!

And I’m a winner — of something I don’t really want. My Subway Scrabble tiles have gotten me a three month membership to Pogo.com which is a games site — some on-line, some for download — lots of word games for those who like those sort of things. Happen to forward this onto anyone who would use it. All it takes to redeem is to click on the link in an email I have. Anyone?

Marinated chicken breasts BBQ’d on the grill tonight over a bed of mixed greens. We’ll see how much of that list that I can clear out.


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