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Sep '08

Last Bits Posponed.

Well, banner were supposed to arrive today — make that tomorrow. UPS delays. Got the membership manual revisions, at least I can make that happen. Will fix tomorrow. Postcards look good — should have used the green logo — and who rewrote that headline? And yet another order from Computer Geeksfor hard disk interfaces (yesterday was Gnarlene’s and today’s was Fluffernutter’s).

And Great Art Party slowly winding up…. working on Errata at this point. Finally got them printed this evening. Cut tomorrow and start binding. Guess I know what Thursday is!

Here is weird airline news:

Kuwaiti government won an order in Quebec Superior Court allowing it to seize Iraq’s stake in a fleet of 10 CRJ900s ordered in March, according to the The Gazette of Montreal. Bombardier’s initial contract with Iraqi Airways, which is state-owned, was valued at $239 million. In April, Iraq converted six options, bringing the order’s value to $498 million (ATWOnline, April 17). The first aircraft was scheduled to be delivered next month. The legal maneuvering is part of an ongoing effort by Kuwait Airways to gain reparations for aircraft destroyed when Iraq invaded and occupied Kuwait during the 1990-91 Gulf War. A Bombardier spokesperson declined comment.

Wow — let’s not forgive and forget. Gulf War Number One — and they are still fighting that one. How long will be be fighting Gulf War II? Remember to vote in six weeks.

Dinner tonight with Swanda and Wonderful. Home by 8:30 to fall asleep and wake up on the couch at 10:30 thinking it’s 2am. Hell — I get the evening news tonight, for tomorrow I’m binding 200 catalogs.


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  1. Colonel Gowins Says:

    Hell, Markie, I’m still refighting WWII. We really screwed that one up.