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Sep '08

Catalogs, Job Offers, and Steaks.

Well — with The Great Art Party tomorrow, it’s time to bind 200 catalogs today. Gone are the baby blue coils, gone are the royal blue coils, and I’m half way through the gold coils. At this rate, another 10 years worth of catalogs and I’ll be out of coils.

It did get me to arrange all the bindery equipment onto one rolling cart in the garage:


Well, not all, there is the comb binder that is still in a box some where. Luckily I don’t have any combs for it.

And in the category of job offers, well, it’s more like a partial extension on the contract with Events and Adventures — I didn’t even get one full week off! Not that I’m complaining — I like the work and the money is good.

This evening it is steaks and salad with the girls. Lynne and Debbie from the neighborhood, and Helene of Ballard. Much good conversation and a stunning bread salad that Lynne contributed — which we (the four of us) ate six portions worth.


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One Response to “Catalogs, Job Offers, and Steaks.”

  1. Helene Says:

    Eight portions 🙂 And it was heavenly.