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Sep '08

Politics and Art Grabs.

First, for the politics… which I’m wondering how I’m going to be able to stomach the next two months. I might actually have to stop watching the news! This clip did come across my desk this morning — and it’s worth passing on. Being too frugal to actually pay for cable, I miss most of the really good political coverage. Thank goodness for the Internet for gems like this one:

And now onto art, as in grabbing it off the wall when your number is called. Tonight is The Great Art Party where you pay $100 for a ticket and you leave with a piece of art that is on average worth several times more than the $100 you paid. Numbers are called out from a bingo spinner and off you go to grab your art.

Wish me luck. I spent part of last night making a list of items that I really want. I’ll have two tickets tonight.


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