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Sep '08

Back In The Air.

First, the recap of last night. Spent too much money, had to much to drink — it must have been a good fundraising event. Here are a couple of pictures from the more quiet moments:

Some nice banner exposure for two of my clients: Shirts of Bamboo and Events and Adventures. Initial numbers from the auction are good — though next year the staff has decided to put Wonderful on Valium for the last two weeks before the event.

But that was last night — today we are in the air headed for Chico to visit Michel and Mudd. No pictures yet, maybe tomorrow.

Easy flights — was sitting up front for the SFO leg, and the Chico leg was a turboprop that wasn’t full so I had two seats to myself. Mikal was waiting curbside with not a cop in sight — the difference between Chico and a big city airport. And the temperature — 97 degrees when I stepped off the plane. This is going to be a HOT visit.

One of the wonderful things about the United terminal at SFO is that there is a wine shop on one of the concourses in addition to my favorite bookstore which I also went back to. At the wine shop I picked up a Cline Zinfandel and a Gruett Rose to take to the boys for dinner. No need to stop on the way back to the house that way!

Pork chops, cous cous and fruit salad for dinner, followed by two movies (a rarity for me). The movies? The Walker starring a gay Woody Harrelson (odd for that fact along), and Transformers which in spite of it being one really large product placement flick was still engaging to the point of making me bounce around in my seat. In bed at 1am, another rarity.


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