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Sep '08

Chico, What A Dump.

I Mean Chico, Off To The Dump!

Well — leave it to me to cause trouble in Chico. And from the most unlikely of sources — taking a picture of the dump (we did a dump run this morning).


We were taking the tarp off the trailer (before hitting the dumping area to minimize time spent in the smell) and I got out to take a shot and the cranky guy starts to head over to tell me that unless I have a press pass, photography isn’t permitted. Guess they should put a sign up stating that if they are going to freak out. And yes, he is cranky, always complaining to the boys about something they aren’t doing right when they come to the dump.

So, looking at their website — I see nothing about no photography, nor was there anything posted at the dump — and you KNOW how the mere hint of abuse of authority gets my knickers in a knot.

Here is my email to dupton@buttecounty.net at the county’s landfill division:

I was at the landfill today and was approached by the gentleman directing traffic at the dump area and told to put my camera away (I was photographing them with their debris in the background) – that I needed a press pass to photograph even my friends.


My question is, is this just some uber-employee-power-trip, or is this Butte County Landfill policy.

Follow-up question is: If this is the policy, why isn’t this information posted at the landfill, and on the landfill website.


The date in question was Sunday, September 7th, 2008 just a little before noon.


Thank you for your time.

Tonight is just hanging out watching movies (yes, they do a lot of that) with the boys and Mudd’s friend Kia. Mikal’s keeping us well fed, and with a trip to Rite-Aid I stocked up on Maker’s Mark (1.75 liters for $33.00 which is a steal) and Alli (because I forgot mine).

[221 on an analog scale, so who knows]

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One Response to “Chico, What A Dump.

I Mean Chico, Off To The Dump!”

  1. Melba T oast Says:

    Good man. Thank you. 🙂

    Good job putting it on the Internet, too.