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Sep '08

Creativity On The Road.

There has been an idea kicking around in my head for the last week or so, and apparently it takes being on the road for this to come to fruitian. Seeing all the Obama shirts for sale on the Shirts of Bamboo site, I had this rumbling feeling about scrabble tiles. And then the true inspiration came. Triple Word Score. And what are those three words?


That would be the back of the shirt… the front is just the teaser over the pencil pocket boob:


So, apparently the road is good for my creative juices. SOB wants to start printing them.

It is so refreshing to have some one else cook and clean up from all the meals — I bus the dishes to be helpful, but I know better than to load someone else’s dishwasher!

And I actually got a couple of billable hours in for Events and Adventures.

[221.0 on an analog scale after breakfast]

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