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Sep '08

Holy Crap — A Snack On A West Coast Flight!

OK — I’m shocked. Here is a portion of an email I just sent to my wonderful hosts for this weekend’s travel:

Flight an hour late getting out of Chico, but I had a two hour layover so still had time for lunch – and then they even served me a snack on the flight north – mind you, a sprig of red grapes, some crackers, and a couple of wedges of real cheese (rather than pre-wrapped laughing cow) is a pretty small snack – but it’s been YEARS since I had a snack on a SEA/SFO run.

Really, I am shocked about the snack. Complete with cloth table cloth, but minus the napkin. Real classes and plates. And yes, I drank them out of Chivas Regal, and they were too overwhelmed with a full flight (apparently the 737 that was to leave 15 minutes earlier cancelled) that they didn’t run to the back for their only bottle.

I guess there IS a reason to look at what size plane you are flying. The 757-200 specs (http://www.seatguru.com) are:

  pitch width seating details
First Class: 38.0″ 20.5″ 24 seats
Economy Plus Class: 36.0″ 17.0″ 50 seats
Economy Class: 31.0″ 17.0″ 108 seats

and the 737 specs are:

  pitch width seating details
First Class: 38.0″ 20.5″ 8 seats
Economy Plus Class: 35.0″ 17.0″ 46 seats
Economy Class: 32.0″ 17.0″ 66 seats

so, needless to say — lots more people — the line stretched into the cafe area down the concourse.

And here is what I think the final Obama/Biden design will be:




I like the fact that there are two crosses in the design.

[220 on Mikal’s analog scale]










3 Responses to “Holy Crap — A Snack On A West Coast Flight!”

  1. blue toad Says:

    Love the final triple word score

  2. blue toad Says:

    Is that score around 201?

  3. Swanda Says:

    See, I like the first design better…the second design cannot be read when walking by on the street fast enough.