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Sep '08

Runway 16R

Lots of catch up work to do today — think I should have come back a day earlier — feeling sort of overwhelmed with getting stuff done some I have some status to report at tomorrow’s Events and Adventuresmarketing meeting. It all needs to get done by 3pm so I can get out the door to today’s BIG event and adventure… Port 101 — The 3rd Runway at SeaTac Airport.

This would be the new runway — 16R:


Serious big fun hanging out on a runway that just had it’s first plane (an FAA test plane) land on it earlier in the day.

Here is the link to all the pictures — including ones of me on the runway:


I have to tell you — it was way fun to be not only on the runway but get the tour of all the back areas of the airport — 500 acres of infrastructure.

After the tour it is back to the conference room for a buffet — a GOOD buffet, and reasonable good wine as well. That was a shock — but a welcome one. I never turn down a free dinner, even if it is with strangers. Jill will be joining me next week for the Ship Canal tour.

Whitaker shows up at almost 10pm to do work on the bus tomorrow, Jill shows up a little before to talk paper. Ends up being a late night.


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