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Sep '08

Bob, Bob, Bob — More Troubles.

Early morning with Whitaker banging on the front door to get in. It was unlocked, but it sticks in the morning — you have to kick the bottom of the door, hence, all the marks.

So, up earlier than I wanted, but that’s good. More time to prepare for the marketing meeting at Events and Adventures at 11. Of course — I go into this meeting and find there are LOTS of presentations — go away for a week and the landscape changes. At least they still want me (and are willing to pay for me).

Got a link to a blog today from someone on yesterday’s tour that took a better photo (not hard) than me:

This is the 130 foot tall retaining wall. The link to the blog is: http://seattlest.com/2008/09/11/seatacs_third_runway_now_a_fully_op.php?gallery11843Pic=3#gallery

The reason for the tall wall is a creek that is to the left hand side of the road.

So, the Bob, Bob, Bob blog title. House batteries toast. Solar panels are off the roof — turns out that they are from a Kyocera batch that is bad — but are under warranty, and now SOLD to Mr. Whitaker — along with a 120gig firewire drive, wireless router, and wired hub/switch). So that is the outgoing. Can’t pull the fridge with icemaker without buying more laminate. Looks like more trouble than it’s worth.

Dinner tonight with John Weber, then drinks afterwards with Wonderful. Going to be a LONG evening I think.


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