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Sep '08

Poker In Oly.

A long night so up later than usual and on deadline pressure to get out of town by 2pm to b eat the Friday traffic.

I didn’t make it — my computer refused to upload the banner file so I had to go to Swanda’s to get that done — and even there is was SLOW. But they are all ordered, and I got a snack downstairs and was on the road at 2:45pm —which means 1.5 hours to Oly rather than 1 hour had I beaten the rush.

Dinner for the boys tonight (Curt, Brandon, and Jim) is steaks marinated in a pepper sauce, baby broccoli and a nice salad — a little shy on the starch, but oh well. Curt provided the wine, but we were still wrapping up the last of dinner when the poke boys started arriving.

As for the poker, probably came out about even. And it was another long night with Brandon having a wee too much wine and monopolizing the bathroom. Hopefully the morning won’t be too rough.



2 Responses to “Poker In Oly.”

  1. blue toad Says:

    You bought banners? Huh! I got your box today and the item I thought was for the printer is way too big won’t fit- so I will send that back and then try to figure out the other one.

  2. blue toad Says:

    ok so I found the HP hard drive- plugged it in and it “initialized” so what does it actually improve? or do?