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Sep '08

Arcata/Eureka Gay/Lesbian/Whatever Pride/Party.

Well, after much pushing and pulling, I’ve figured out how to get AVIs to play the video in addition to the audio. But, of course, the file is too big for WordPress to handle — so here is the link to the best file from today’s parade. Don’t worry, it’s short:

I might redo the file and add all of the parade snippets assuming I can figure out how to do this. That may require the reading of a manual. I also realized that I film this on the poorest resolution… live and learn.

Today it is off to the airport after the continental breakfast (skipped it yesterday). It’s a 1:30pm flight so that’s easy — I’ve got a tight layover in SFO with only 1 hour 20 minutes (breaking my own rules!) and then I’ll be on the same flight that I was on last Tuesday. And yes, I’ll be up front again, though in 1C rather than 1B. At least if I miss my connection there are more flights north, but I’d probably be out my seat in First Class.

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  1. blue toad Says:

    Good job you need to teach me how to do that!