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Sep '08

Work, Play, Work, Play.

That describes today — alternating between work and play, all day.

MoonSong bangs on the door at 9am — guess it’s time to stain the deck. I just wish I knew WHEN he was planning on showing up — love the work, have plenty of hours for him — and a list of projects.

Work for Events and Adventures — again, which was a meeting downtown for a possible contract with the ad agency Radar Works, and then off to a Port 101 Series on the Ship Canal. And that is our first picture of today:


And that would be the boat we were out on. I was accompanied by Jill — the new Queen of the Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce. I (we) learned much more about all the businesses around the waterways that contribute to the local economy — sand, gravel, asphalt, tugs, fueling, repair, dry dock, hardware, you name it.

So, here is the whole reel:


The amusing thing is that when I looked at the camera card, I found shots of me cooking dinner earlier this week. Now who WAS the guest — I see two steaks and the griddle…..

Dinner for me tonight was at the Port 101 buffet with three glasses of wine. Thank god for tax dollars. Home afterwards to watch the news and have a little scotch.


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