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Sep '08

Another Long Day.

Reading, meetings, baking, and entertaining — oh yeah, I have to pack for Florida as well.

I’m back on the schedule for weekly marketing meetings with Events and Adventuresso that was my late morning adventure — at least it left me on the eastside to deposit checks.

The afternoon was detail work, packing, and baking bread sticks to go with tonight’s lamb and salad dinner. Never done bread sticks before — and I’m using the pasta maker to make them. They didn’t come out too bad, think I’ll use the bagel die (1/2″) rather than the one marked “bread stick” which is closer to 1/4″ — more yeast so they’ll rise better…. I’m thinking sort of phallic soft bread sticks rather than the hard crunchy ones.

Swanda at 5:30pm, Ray from Radar-Works due at 6, but always running late (but bearing scotch). Swanda for work talk and drugs for his Australia trip, and Ray for work talk and dinner. It’s been too long since I’ve had Ray over to dinner. Turns out his ex has a duplex a couple of blocks from me.

Bed at 11:30 because the alarm goes off at 3:30am for tomorrows flight. There just isn’t any good way to get from Seattle to Florida — choice is a red-eye (then I’m grumpy), an early morning flight that’s convenient for Dan and Lisa to pick me up (ditto on the me being grumpy), or the mid-day flight which gets in at 11pm which make them grumpy. I might have to try that direct Orlando/Seattle flight on Alaska.

Off to bed.


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  1. Swanda Says:

    You have this entry dated for Friday and it is actually Thursday.