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Sep '08

Hello Florida. Glad To See Me?

Man, I hate those early flights. You arrive at the airport in a daze. You haven’t even had coffee or your morning routine (read as dump). And then you are packed on a plane with a bunch of other dazed people. At least I got a hot breakfast.

Yes, you read that right. A hot breakfast up in the front of the plane. I was shocked. Not shocked enough to get the fruit plate instead, but shocked none the less. I thought hot meals were a thing of the past on anybodies airline.

Got to Tampa half an hour late — but still early enough to miss the worst of rush hour traffic.

The one stop on the way home was for four little rainbow trouts for dinner (with the broccoli and a lovely Bonny Doon White Le Cigare Volante) which were amazingly bone free.

And for the after dinner exercise, I whipped (repeatedly) Dan’s butt WII Bowling. I should have brought my controller as I had to make a new WII MII for his system. I think we are planning on taking the WII System with us to the Orlando WorldMark on Sunday.


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