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Sep '08

No Mickey Here, Just IKEA.

Wow, there are a lot of theme parks in Orlando. Big ones, small ones, water ones. And we aren’t even here to see them. We are here to go to IKEA.

There isn’t an IKEA in the Tampa/St. Pete area (opens 2010) so that is our mission today — to check out couches and then go have a nice dinner afterwards. Well, Dan and Lisa are after couches, I’m after something to put my laptop in so I can check a bag on my way home tomorrow, and not have my laptop inside it. The cameras I don’t mind, the laptop I do.

Answer: a laptop bag — like I need another one!


But I like the design, and it was $9.95, so it was cheap. Much cheaper than a broken laptop.

Dinner at Flemmings tonight — nice upscale steakhouse. Too much food, too much booze, and they even thought it was my birthday (that’s next week) so they sent me home with chocolate dipped strawberries.

More WII bowling before crashing and burning.

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