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Sep '08

Boy Scout Motto In Action.

A leisurely start to the day after too much partying last night. I ended up sleeping half way back to Tampa. Luckily my flight wasn’t until 1:41pm, so that made it an easy morning.

No upgrades for anyone on the Tampa/DC flight because we are on Ted — which I refer to as the “back end of UniTED. Fortunately they are phasing out these one-service-class airplanes this fall. At least with their (United) Shuttle failure they had two-classes. Ted services “leisure” markets, Tampa/St. Pete, Orlando, Las Vegas, New Orleans where they think there is no demand for first-class seats. Fools.

Now for the Boy Scout part — best way to get a coveted upgrade on the DC/SEA flight? Have a snack, and buy another snack for the 6 hour flight. Make sure you get plenty on small bills for by-on-board drinks. By being prepared, you don’t need it (though it did make a nice 10pm snack). I got the upgrade (Seat 1A), and dinner was the last piece of chicken breast (as opposed to the ravioli with a marinara sauce which would give me gas) served with polenta and vegetables (and bread and salad). Much scotch, much red wine, more scotch.

Was home by 9pm, and spent the rest of the evening catching up on mail, email, and junk television.

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