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Sep '08

Rainy Work Day.

Florida at 95 degrees and 80 percent humidity vs. 70 degrees and pouring rain in Seattle. My preference would be something in the middle.

Actually got to the meeting with the top down — and to the apartment as well, and then the rain hit, complete with turned over semi-trucks on the ramp to I-5/I-90 so I took Airport Way home.

It was an interesting meeting at Events and Adventures with Mark in Phoenix and Chris in Australia, and neither on conference call. Next meeting is the 9th because Mark and Barb are in Florida next week, and Chris will be recovering from Australia.

No hair trimmer at the apartment — checked when I got home, turns out it will be tomorrow. It will be nice to have it in time for a trim before the Birthday Cruise.

Dinner tonight is with Lynne — she’s bringing thin steaks which I marinated in Arthur Bryant’s Rich and Spicy sauce with a bibb lettuce salad with wonderfully ripe tomatoes and a nice red wine.

Almost caught up with work, should be caught up by tomorrow.


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