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Sep '08

The Oracle Speaks.

Which oracle? The company? The one from Omaha?

That would be Omaha.

Here is a quote from the Wall Street Journal that made me laugh out loud (that would be lol in text speak).

Mr. Buffet received a call at 4:30pm that Saturday from a private investment firm trying to assemble a group to buy the embattled financial giant. “I’m calling about Bear Stearns,’ “the private investor began, according to Mr. Buffett. “Should I go on?’ ”

Mr. Buffett recalls thinking: “”It’s like a woman taking off half her clothes and asking, ‘Should I continue?’ Even if you’re a 90-year-old eunuch, you let’em finish.”

He passed on the deal. I didn’t think Warren was 90.

In other business news today we are now into our third week of the Boeing Machinists strike. The silver lining is that Boeing’s suppliers will have a chance to catch up with components for the new 787 — the downside is that the machinists are looking to me like a bunch of greedy pigs when most of our economy is wallowing in the mud.

Lots of laundry getting done in anticipation of the Birthday Cruise — I’ll be packing more clothes than usual since we are eating in the up-charge restaurant on my birthday this Sunday. Guess I’d better bring the cashmere sports coat.

Tonight is a quiet filet mignon dinner at home with me, myself and I.


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