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Sep '08

Pack, Work, Pack, Eat.

Was up at 7:30 — weird for me — but I was awake and there was a ton of stuff to get done. I have projects on the burner for Events and Adventures, 7RadLLC, and still need to give some thought to the Great Art Party Access Database (GAPAD).

So, lots of work, and lots of packing. Add lots of changes to today’s schedule and it’s a little crazy. First Curt is coming for a late dinner, then he isn’t. Then Jimmy calls and I get an invite to dinner there if I bring the racks of ribs I had planned. Not my favorite thing to go out the night before travelling, but I’m used to it.

Lots of packing — will it be warm or cold, take everything.

And it was a fine dinner with Suze there. And the ribs were stunning. And I didn’t have to cook then.

It being my birthday soon — even came away from dinner with four bottles of Tes Dindons wine from Jimmie’s cellar.

Short entry today. Trying to get anything questionable off the computer before crossing boarders tomorrow.


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