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Sep '08

Hail Victoria.

We arrived in Victoria sometime in the middle of the night awaking at Ogden Point Pier.

From the map we received last night I’ve discovered that Ogden Point Pier is directly across Ogden Point from the WorldMark Victoria — where I’ve walked to this morning after having our breakfast delivered to our room. I could get spoiled easily!

So — why go to the WorldMark Victoria this morning? To get free interent access to check mail, do the blog, etc. Much cheaper than firing up my Sprint EVDO card and paying international roaming fees. And to make matters better, I can stop at the convenience store on Superior for some Diet Cokes to take back to the ship since on board they are really expensive. All that for a five block walk from the boat. Sweet.

Dinner tonight is at the Pinnacle Grill which is the up-charge restaurant. Three bottles of Bonny Doon le Cigare Volante (1995, 1996, 1997) are planned for dinner. We have already gone through two bottles of champagne after a bottle and a half of red. 7:30 for the restaurant — was 7pm, but things got screwed up and we had two two-tops, and one one-top — which makes having a party a bit of a problem.

More from Astoria tomorrow.

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