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Sep '08

Astoria, But Not The Waldorf.

At 8 this morning we pulled into Astoria feeling the affects of many bottles of wine, and for some, many cocktails at the “Friends of Dorothy” gathering. I was not part of the some.

Back in the United States we have to go through this very odd procedure — everyone, whether leaving the boat or not, must present themselves to customs and immigration — all 2300 of us — called by deck — to hand over pieces of paper, have our ID checked, and have other pieces of paper stamped so we can get off the boat and have a look around.

Astoria proper is a bit of a hike and so Curt, Helene, and myself just wander around the dock area, looking a rusting trains, fish being gutted, the selection of taco wagons and all the craft vendors set up pier side. Not much to really do, but it’s nice to get a little walking around in the fresh air on solid ground.

Here is a great shot from yesterday in Victoria:


You got to love self timers. Here is the whole slide show up to this point:

And as for last night’s fancy dinner in the Pinnacle Grill. Mixed. Nice hunks of meat size wise, but not chosen very well (like choice instead of prime). You would think with the $20 up-charge that you’d get a higher quality cow. Helene’s black cod (and the smoke black cod that came as part of the appetizer) was really yummy. I made it about half way through my 22oz. Porterhouse before passing it along to Wonderful to finish devouring after he finished his two other entrees — he even out ate Jonathan.

Today we sail at 2pm for Vancouver, British Columbia and get chucked off the boat at 8am — hopefully we can make it a little later as I hate those early mornings — makes for a long day.

Plans for the afternoon are a bubble bath in the jetted tub that our suite has — with some foaming bath stuff from Lush in Victoria that Helene got me. Between that, and laying around reading, and an early dinner at 5:30 (I wanted 6:30, but there as only early, or 7:45) I think it’s just going to a lazy post-b-day day.

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